Things to Know When Traveling to Italy for the First Time

Italy is a dream vacation destination for most people. Apart from its amazing architecture, art, wines, and food scene, Italy also has a rich culture that will truly sweep you off your feet. If you are planning your first trip to Italy, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to ensure a smooth and memorable adventure. The following are important guidelines for first-time visitors to Italy. 


Generally, there are many ways to get to Italy. However, taking a flight is the fastest and most convenient. Italy has well-developed airports and airlines with daily flights to and from the Big Three cities of Rome, Venice, and Florence. Compare the airline rates and book early regardless of your specific destination. 

Italy is undoubtedly a big country to traverse in even one week or two. But, public transportation is usually the easiest and cheapest way to get around. Consider buying a train ticket as they have better rates and, are also faster. You can easily book the tickets online based on your itinerary. 


Unlike most nations, Italy was just a collection of many smaller autonomous regions until the late 1800s. Each of those regions had their unique customs and traditions, most of which they still uphold today. As such, there is a significant difference in terms of the practices and even the cuisines of Southern and Northern Italy. 

The dialects in Italy also vary from one region to another but; a majority of the population can speak English. It is advisable to learn a few Italian phrases too such as how to say hello and thank you. Italy is also a Christian country with Catholic churches at almost every corner. Thus, there are places where you will need to wear proper clothing that cover your shoulders and legs. 

 As hinted above, Italy is quite large a region to tour on a single trip. However, proper research about the destination could enable you to easily find the best ways to get the most of your trip. The beauty of traveling is that you get to learn most of the things on the road.