The old town of San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a city in Spain, Its picturesque beaches and the mountainous country has become a favorite tourist spot to many.

There is one exciting tourist attraction in San Sebastian, and that’s the old town.

This town attracts all kinds of ages and personalities with its different type of shops and boutiques.

If you are in the old town, then there are some things that could spark your interest. Here are some of them.

The Historical Urgull and the Paseo Nuevo walkway

Walking on the streets will let you see the quarter’s cobbled streets. Try the pintxos (a small snack made of bread with a topping served in bars), they will make you want more and more. The old town is the place where the local fiestas play as well.

The historic Plaza de la Constitucion in the old town is considered to be iconic.

For you to get even better roots of the Donostia people, you should go to the port which is surrounded by fishing cottages. You can enjoy seafood fresh from the sea. The Donostia people have tried to preserve their roots for as long as possible.

The maritime museum is a great place to learn more about the sea in San Sebastian.

The lover’s arena

The center of the city came to be known as a romantic spot. It is because it became a meeting point for people, going out together to the various entertainment spots. It is here also that almost all the buses in the city made their spot. There is the Victoria Eugenia Theater and The Donostia town hall watches over the area. The pathways are full and leafy as well as romantic. There is also a pond with swans that can make your heart genuinely melt.

The shopping center

For all your shopping needs, Martin market has a lot of shops and small boutiques that not only has something for every single person regarding taste but also sells international brands. If you want to shop for your family and friends, then this is the place to be.

While still shopping please make a point of going to La Brexta Market which happens to have a traditional market as well. The produce found here is fresh and it is not unusual to see a famous chef shopping there.


If you are a lover of the night time music and drinks, then do not worry because the old quarter will make your evening. Both the young and the old enjoy having a drink together as they laugh and dance the night away. There is a variety of music styles that will make every person nod their head or tap their feet if not joining the rest in the dance floor.

The old town offers a variety of sleeping arrangements as well; if you feel like being comfortable in a five stars hotel or chill in a hostel, then you won’t have to look so hard. All that and much more are in the old town of San Sebastian.